Matt Wahl, Director

Music has been a part of worship for many years. Quite honestly, many years is an understatement. Music is a language that has been used to convey stories in worship since biblical times. After all, Psalms, translating to “the words accompanying the music”, is a set of 150 poems written for that purpose, to accompany the music. While music has evolved over time from the Psalms into chants and eventually to hymns, the idea behind the music has always been the same – a way of praising God for his work in creation. Many of the hymns we sing today are the same ones sung by our ancestors in the past. As hymns have been a way of shaping the worship service,
it is now time that we think of how music will shape future worship services.

The current health situation has thrown many roadblocks in our path. Regardless of when we start worshiping together as a congregation again, precautions will need to be observed. This will
include how music is incorporated into our services. It has been published by various organizations (such as the American Choral Directors Association), health professionals, as well as the synod that
singing during this time is highly discouraged. A study showed singing can put people at risk up to 27 feet away. There have also been questions as to whether or not singing was the reason 102 of
130 choir members in Amsterdam tested positive for the virus after a performance of Bach’s St. John Passion. Needless to say, the safety of members attending church is a high priority. Deaconess and I, along with many churches, are collaborating on ways music can continue to be a part of the worship experience. Since there is no manual titled “Music in Worship During a Health Crisis”, this is a new experience for everyone.

The sanctuary has been very empty on Sunday mornings, but it is a blessing that we have
technology that allows us to continue worshipping and connecting together. We are very much
looking forward to the time when we may once again worship together in person.

--Matt Wahl

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