Holy Trinity Lutheran Church


During Lent, we will participate in a Congregation-wide Bible Study. Everyone is expected to participate! There will be study groups at Church, study groups in public, and study groups in homes. Several different leaders will be trained. You can pick your leader and/or place and time. You can even participate as a family unit in your own household. But this is an exercise for ALL of us. The study is named “People of Salt and Light” – and it focuses upon Jesus’ model of community from the Gospel of Matthew. There are five sessions of this study, and the Lenten worship services and sermon series will also reflect this study. As Lent culminates with Holy Week, this study will provide us with a deeply rich perception of Christ’s passion and sacrifice for us.

The season of Easter will see us gathering as a resurrected people, seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Vision of new life in us today. Discernment is a spiritual exercise, and we are all about growing spiritually in 2018! The work of visioning enables us to take a look at who we are today and how we can better operate as One Body of Christ. Visioning is about discerning our gifts and empowering/supporting one another. Visioning is about unifying our efforts and getting to know each other in deeper friendship. Visioning is about understanding that God has big dreams for us, and we should want to know what they are. This means we will be gathering a couple times as a congregation throughout the Easter season to celebrate who we are and work together to empower one another! We are a resurrected people, and we need to shine brightly with passion and excitement.

The summer will bring a second congregational Bible study opportunity, and efforts to coordinate our ministries and communication. We will also focus deeply upon our prayer life, both here and at home. Finally, we will continue to form deeper relationships with one another and the community/creation around us.

Once we reach autumn, we will focus on all that we have to be thankful for today – because Thanksgiving is not a one day event, but rather a daily event. We will give thanks weekly for the remarkable ministries that take place here on a daily and weekly basis. We will celebrate the Grace God bestows upon the world through ordinary folks like us. We will contemplate the faith God has in us – even as we grow in our faith toward God.

We will grow so much closer as a community and so much deeper in our spirituality. Elgin, and the world, will be touched by the gifts God has faithfully placed into our hands and hearts. The Scripture, and God’s dreams for us, will be opened up in new ways right before our eyes. This is a year of Renewal and Vision for Holy Trinity.

​Bible Study in Lent is part of the renewal process. The Bible Studies will all be held at church: Mondays at 11:00am led by Pastor Jeff; Tuesdays at 6:30pm led by Ellen Sullivan; Wednesdays at 6:00pm led by Kim Stancl;  Thursdays at 10:30am led by Candy Grzadziel. Pastor Jeff will lead a discussion on the Gospel and answer question about the sermon on Sundays after worship beginning February 18th. The Bible Studies will begin the week of February 19th - 24th.  We would like everyone to attend one of the Bible Studies each week.