Holy Trinity Lutheran Church


An exciting time for our youth and their growth and renewal; as well as our own renewal- personally and as a community of God!

We will begin a new round of Bible Studies in late May-early June which will be based upon the Youth Gathering studies the kids will participate in at Houston. These will be held in a similar fashion to the Lenten series we just completed.

We intend to introduce Music from the Youth Gathering into worship during June and July here at Holy Trinity. This is very spiritual music commissioned for the Gathering itself!

Wednesday, June 27th - we will gather here for ice cream (or maybe hot chocolate) and to watch the live stream of the Opening from the ELCA Gathering Houston.

Saturday, June 30th - we are having a DAY OF RENEWAL here at Holy Trinity. This will include us working at the homes of our members and then coming to a special worship service that evening. We are working on a guest speaker for the Saturday service that evening!!! Funds secured through Thrivent and will be a Thriven Action Team Event.

Sunday, July 1st - Live stream connect to the ELCA Gathering's Closing Mass at the end of our worship, and hopefully will have it timed right to hear Bishop Eaton speak to all the youth! (Incidentally, our youth have been chosen to assist in that Mass for over 30,000 people from around the world!)

We are looking forward to Retreats and Visioning Days here at Holy Trinity beginning in September!!!