Holy Trinity Lutheran Church


All Are Welcome in Jesus' Name

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, as a community of the people of God, affirms its intention to openly welcome and value every person who walks through our doors regardless of age, race, gender identities, marital status, sexual orientations, national and ethnic origins, economic status, addictions, and mental, physical and emotional conditions. 
We affirm that we are all unique individuals created by God, in need of God’s forgiveness, and made worthy through Jesus Christ of God’s love and mercy. 
All persons named and unnamed above are welcome within the membership of our congregation upon making the same affirmation of faith that all members make.

 “Proclaiming Christ’s Love through Witness and Service.”

It is our primary task to proclaim the love of Christ to all who enter here. That love is unconditional and has no restrictions. Christ walked among the people, healed them, announced their forgiveness, and promised eternal life in his name.
Holy Trinity’s mission is to mirror that message through our worship and through service to our members, the community, and the world.
Please know that you are welcome here at any time. You are invited to participate as fully as you desire, and to share our ministry with us.